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HERMÈS Slim d'Hermès Mille Fleurs du Mexique

If the fabulous Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was still alive, she’d certainly have loved the Slim d’Hermès Mille Fleurs du Mexique. Read more
HERMÈS Faubourg Joaillerie

The building at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris has been home to Hermès since 1879. Founded in Read more
HERMÈS Faubourg Lapis Lazuli Onyx et Malachite

Most so-called ornamental gemstones have beneficial qualities for body and soul. These little healers protect from illness, ease sadness and Read more
HERMÈS Faubourg Manchette

In a world teeming with large pieces, Hermès surprised us all in 2014 by turning the trend on its head Read more
HERMÈS Cape Cod TGM Automatique

Cape Cod is a long and pretty peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is a 3382km² strip of land, Read more
HERMÈS Arceau automatique

Designed in 1978 by the talented artist Henri d’Origny who spent over 50 years as an illustrator at Hermès, the Read more
ERMÈS Slim d'Hermès Perspective Cavalière

This 2D design technique has been around since the 16th century and was used by military mapmakers. The Parisian brand Read more

Let’s celebrate the launch of a new watch collection which, just like the Parisian brand, is of a rare beauty. Read more

Time has become a luxury nowadays and the watch sometimes steals our freedom as we soon become a slave to Read more

This is a story about love at first sight. Once upon a time, watchmaking and glassmaking collided and sparked an Read more