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urwerk ur-105 ct streamline

HYMN TO NEW YORK This year, Urwerk is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and for the occasion, the brand has unveiled Read more
urwerk laurent ferrier arpal one only-watch 2017

TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE Here’s a surprising collaboration from two completely different watchmakers who have joined forces for Read more
urwerk ur-210 rg

REVOLVING TIME A daring reading of time and practical technical innovations are the achievements of this seductive UR-210 RG made Read more
urwerk ur-t8 transformer black

THE TITANIUM CHRYSALIS Since 1997, Urwerk has fascinated customers with its outstanding timepieces and now, 20 years of artistic watchmaking Read more
urwerk ur 105 raging gold

STRIKE GOLD The magicians at Urwerk have conjured up a new red gold shell to cover the super-mechanical UR-105. The Read more
The urwerk emc time hunter x-ray

EMC TimeHunter X-Ray: The smartwatch by Urwerk Three years after the launch of the EMC concept, the young watch brand has unveiled Read more
urwerk ur210 clou de paris

Two mastodons on the velvet-covered wooden display tray seem ready to do battle. A spiky bearing, eye-catching solid skull, intimidating Read more

Introducing the Urwerk UR-106 Black Pink “Pink it’s my new obsession, Pink it’s not even a question,” sang Steven Tyler, Read more
URWERK EMC Time Hunter closeup

Introducing the Urwerk EMC “Time Hunter” A mechanical watch may come out of the factory in perfect condition but it Read more

Urwerk – UR-105 T-Rex It could have been called the watch that goes “grrr!” The latest piece from the Urwerk Read more